Allen Jones’ ‘Florida Suite’ is a set of four 3-colour offset lithographs printed at the Royal College of Art, based on photographs of Jones’ time spent teaching in Florida in the late 60s.

The exhibition will be shown on both floors of the gallery space and encompasses new works made over the last two years together with a rich selection of paintings from the 1980s when Büttner first came to worldwide attention as part of a new generation of German artists. Imbued with a dark humour, Büttner’s work has for nearly four decades pursued one essential underlying theme: the pursuit of lucidity as a tool for survival in a sordid world.

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Visit Marlborough London at the London Original Print Fair, 3-6 May (Stand 08). We will be exhibiting prints by artists including Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Jason Brooks, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Bill Jacklin, Yayoi Kusama, Hughie O’Donoghue, Victor Pasmore, Pablo Picasso and Paula Rego.

Thursday 3 – Sunday 6 May 2018

Marlborough Graphics selection of prints by Tess Jaray, Beatriz Milhazes and Bridget Riley express a vibrant quality encompassing an energetic appearance through bold colours and dynamic compositions.

Through the printmaking process, Tess Jaray expresses a meticulous consideration of the dynamism of form. Her use of pattern and colour, keep the eye in a constant state of flux moving over the pictorial space.

Beatriz Milhazes’ colourful, kaleidoscopic prints draw on both Latin American and European traditions. Milhazes’ rigorously structured compositions are punctuated by a recurring set of arabesque motifs inspired by Brazilian culture.

Bridget Riley’s interest in the medium of print is related to her work as a painter, rather than in its traditional vehicle for reproduction. The printing process seems to easily compel for Riley, the images she was visualising: producing crisp edges and absolute flatness.

Migrations is the most geographically wide-ranging exhibition Peter Sacks has made to date, featuring materials gathered from around the world.

Sacks’ approach to painting utilises intimate material residues of life and often holds a personal significance — textiles, texts, and traces of objects—transforming them into active fields of energy, empathy and history. Sacks is preoccupied with forced migration, displacement and diaspora, concepts physically manifested in the dynamic fluidity of his paintings.

An exhibition of Frank Auerbach’s intensely worked painting of people and the chaotic everyday scenes of London are on display at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Auerbach’s subject matter has remained consistent over the past sixty years: his immediate environment and those closest to him. This group of recent works is further eloquent and profound affirmation, here and now, of what he can make paint do.

29-31 March

Preview | 27-28 March

Marlborough Graphics is pleased to present an online-only exhibition of carborundum and monotype prints by Hughie O’Donoghue to coincide with his exhibition Scorched Earth.

O’Donoghue expresses immediacy and individuality through the printing-making process. The fluidity of the medium encourages risk, allowing for a striking uniqueness that can only be brought to fruition through printing. O’Donoghue’s subject-matter explores his preoccupations with community and emigration, and the relationships between people, landscape, history and memory.

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A solo exhibition of new works, Hughie O’Donoghue uses historical events and figures from art history as a point of departure in his recent work. In this exhibition, O’Donoghue questions the legacy of Vincent Van Gogh in our collective cultural memory, particularly focusing on the paintings Van Gogh made during the last two years of his life in Arles and St. Remy in the south of France.

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2018 is the year of the dog; celebrate with our canine related prints by Quentin Blake, Bill Jacklin and Ken Kiff.

Marlborough Fine Art is pleased to present its third solo exhibition with Jason Brooks. It is the artist’s largest show to date and the first time Marlborough has displayed one artist across both floors of its exhibition spaces. Brooks is part of a generation of artists who emerged in London in the nineties to great international acclaim and for over 20 years has made works that explore the ways in which painting has the power to transform the way we see the everyday

In this exhibition, Brooks looks at how the language of painting can take one art object and, via a journey of exploration, turn it into another. The exhibition shows the transformation of three different sources of art: hobbyist paintings collected by the artist from junk shops; 18th century romantic paintings bought at auctions; and composited photo images taken by Brooks of fellow image makers from within his circle of friends.